Administration and Secretarial Services

administration and secretarial services cyprusThe Meritservus administration team provides a guiding force to businesses that pursue sound corporate governance and business planning models. Consequently, we ensure that the client’s company is in full compliance with requested targets. The team ascertains that company records are up to date and that statutory documents are completed, signed and filed in a timely manner.

A predominant pool of clients prefers that we monitor the ongoing administration of companies and trusts that we establish. Our administrative line of services is as follows:

Fiduciary Services

  • Provision of directors in Cyprus or other jurisdictions
  • Implementing changes of Shareholders
  • Increase and Reduction of share capital
  • Change of Name
  • Provision of registered shareholders


  • Legalization of Incorporation and other documents
  • Issuing and legalizing Powers of Attorney
  • Signing contracts, agreements, protocols, and other documents
  • Arranging for Bank Payments
  • Executing payrolls

Secretarial Services

  • Provision of company statutory secretary
  • Maintenance of statutory records of the company
  • Issue of shares and Share Certificates
  • Arranging and holding Members General Meetings
  • Arranging and holding Directors Meetings